For this group exhibit, I made a set of works that honor the people who have been instrumental to my upbringing during the past 29 years, serving as a prelude to my 30th birthday. These are portraits of these people, in the form of the “eyes” that have watched over me. The whole work reflects on the teachings and workings that have influenced me, changed me and molded me into who I am now. At the same time, it serves as homage to the people who have contributed these teachings. It is divided into three timelines: my childhood, teenagehood and young adulthood.

The work is made to resemble the so-called sacred rose petals in Marian apparitions. In Catholic tradition, during some Marian apparitions, rose petals bearing images and portraits of Jesus, Mary & the saints fell from the sky. Instead of images of the divine figures, the painted rose petals bear portraits of people who have molded, taught, inspired and influenced me into what I am now. This concept is also representative of the Catholic & Marian upbringing I’ve received from most of these people, especially during my formative years as a child. At the middle of each frame is a portrait of myself (through my eye) as a child, teenager and young adult, representing the timeline of each frame.

L-R: “1989-2001”, “2001-2009”, “2009-2019”. 18″ x 14″ each. Watercolor on paper. 2019.

The human eye has long been a significant and favorite subject of mine. In my portrait works, I draw the focus of the viewer to the eyes of the subject. In my practice as a portrait artist, I find the eyes the most important and interesting part of the face as they tell so much about the personality and sincerity of the subject. I have been exploring different ways to portray a portrait, and this type of work is one of the products of that exploration.

Position Paper 2

Notes and curation by Ricky Francisco

Paper, as an artistic medium or support, plays second fiddle to canvas in the Philippine art market. Collectors are quick to cite its vulnerability to damage, given our highly humid environment; or its traditional role as a preparatory medium to the final work on canvas. However, paper has qualities that canvas does not have. Its texture, weight, color, sheen, transparency; its ability to be folded, rolled, pierced, cut, and crumpled; and its capacity to absorb and bond with wet media such as watercolor, or thin media as chalk, ink and graphite; enable artists to create various works with it in surprising ways. Compared to canvas, these characteristics make paper as much a medium than just a support.

Galerie Stephanie presents Position Paper 2019 from September 2 to September 16, 2019. With over 50 artists ranging from new discoveries to national artists, this second all-paper exhibition promises something for everyone. An annual exhibit created to highlight paper as a viable medium for the visual arts, Position Paper attempts to persuade the public of the many virtues of the medium; particularly it’s versatility which allows it to be used by artists in ways that cannot be expressed through other media.

To explore the ways artists use paper, curator Ricky Francisco took on an inclusive approach. The range of artists included in this exhibition is wide – as it includes local and foreign artists, fresh graduates, emerging and established artists, and masters.

As an exhibition, it also aims to open the public’s awareness of the possibilities of paper. In terms of technique, drawing, painting, photography, collage, embroidery, writing, book binding, and various permutations of these techniques are showcased. We hope that with this approach, a variety of forms emerge to showcase the versatility of paper, and by doing so, engender a renewed appreciation for the medium.