AVON: Step Into Your Comfort Zone Portraits

Avon Philippines commissioned me to do watercolor portraits of 5 famous personalities for their campaign supporting women. These women are considered inspirational in such a way that they choose to be comfortable in their own skin and not conform to society’s standards of female beauty and way of life. The design and composition of the portraits were inspired by the personal stories and personalities of these women. These were portrayed in subtle symbols, in the language of floral elements. Each flower was carefully selected, and conveys a certain meaning inspired by each woman’s story.

There is vulnerability and softness in baring yourself, either physically or emotionally. I wanted to portray that through an overall soft, delicate look and feel in the portraits. To balance it, the colors of the floral elements provide a stark contrast, adding strength and certainty amidst that fragility. The background colors selected are supposed to remind one of femininity.

The portraits are each painted on 22″ x 30″ Arches cold-pressed watercolor papers using artist-grade, lightfast paints.

Check out the promotional video below! They asked me to appear in it, as well.