The theme of the group exhibit revolves around the artists’ own interpretation of their definitions of love. For my works, I took inspiration from memorabilia received from lovers, such as flowers and love letters. But instead of love messages, I ironically wrote different pieces of unsolicited advice on my personal life that I have received from the people around me. Delving deeper, I realized that most of these questions are deeply rooted in concerns of insecurities other than love, from security of one’s future to self-worth and lack of femininity. Viewers are then invited to let themselves be asked with these questions — asking them exactly their real reasons on entering a relationship. In a way, these answers give a glimpse of how we view love, and answers our personal questions of what we think its definition is.

I wanted to do something similar to pressed flowers. Instead of using real flowers, I incorporated my current practice of emulating petals through watercolor painting. The postcards and yellow pad paper are also created on paper with watercolor.

L-R, Top to Bottom: “Memoirs I”, “Memoirs II”, “Memoirs III” and “Memoirs IV”. 10.75″ x 14″ each.
Watercolor and pen on paper, in acrylic glass sheets. 2020.

Love Not LOVE

Notes and curation by David Joseph Laboy

Love not Love examines a range of interpersonal relational clichés based on society’s pre-existing notions on the different forms of love that has been cemented into its collective consciousness. While it comes in multiple shapes, colors, and sounds, each of us have our own clear-cut definition of what it is and isn’t. Any attempt to commit to an all-encompassing interpretation will either fall short or fall straight into any one of the commonplace categories. Ultimately tasked with deconstructing, reinterpreting, and expanding these notions, this diverse group of creatives propose alternate perspectives to what love is (or isn’t) bringing their own charm, wit, and sardonicism to the space.

“Love Not Love” featured the works of 1111, Georjanno Abenoja, Poeleen Alvarez, Steph Alvarez, Abbey Batocabe, Emen Batocabe, Antonia Baytion, Mars Bugaoan, Zayra Bulawan, Maco Custodio, Ginoe, HNNH, Wika Nadera, Danikah Novio, and curated by David Joseph Laboy. The show opened on the gallery floor of Kondwi on February 13, 2020 and ended on March 5, 2020.