SM Stationery Art Fest 2018


When I first saw an ad for the SM Stationery Art Fest last year, I told myself, “One day, I’ll also do a demo there.”

Then again, that was just wishful thinking. I didn’t know how to join nor know anyone working for SM Stationery. Besides, the artists invited before were already known, established artists, and I was only starting to make it professionally.

So I felt really happy and excited when I got a call from Pilot Philippines earlier this year! They were looking for an artist who could do a demo using their product, the Pilot Croquis Rotating Lead Holder.

SM Stationery Art Fest was held last May 9-13 at SM Megamall. It was a 5-day art fair filled with demos, workshops and booths from your favorite brands, Pilot Pens Philippines, Faber Castell, Tokyo Finds, Elmer’s, Dong-A, Sakura Pens, iFex Philippines and Stabilo.

I conducted two (2) illustration demos for this leg, Illustration Basics Class and Birds Sketching Class, using the Pilot Croquis Rotating Lead Holder.

During the 1st day (May 9), invited bloggers were given a preview of what to expect on May 12-13’s classes. Various artists gave 1-hr teaser demos on what they will be teaching that coming weekend. I gave a demo on how to draw the human eye.


*Photos from SM Stationery

It was fun! It was my first time to do a live sketching demo in a mall, for a larger crowd, and with everyone hearing you and staring at you (haha). I was nervous (and I think it showed in my voice) but oh well, it was a great first experience nonetheless so I decided to just enjoy it (and I really did!).

After my demo, I even got to participate in the slime-making class with Teacher Jill. It was my first time also to make slime, and a glow-in-the-dark one too! The inner kid in me was happy.

Slime-making with Teacher Jill*Photo from SM Stationery
Slime-making with Teacher Jill
Look at them glooow.

Photos during the May 12 & May 13 classes below:

Illustration Basics Class with Steph AlvarezIllustration Basics Class with Steph Alvarez33812653_1395478207220472_4245530886688210944_o
*Photos from SM Stationery

20180513_195525The lovely staff at Pilot Pens Philippines’ booth. Thank you for being so kind!

I’m really so grateful to Pilot Pens Philippines and SM Stationery for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I hope to participate again in the future, God-willing! 🙂

*All photos are taken by yours truly unless stated otherwise.

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